Yup. It totally works. I was searching around for a cheap easy adhesive for my Bennie’s labels and came across the milk concept. No instructions, just a guy on a forum saying Milk Milk Milk.  So I tried it. And it is perfection. It is super simple and cheap, provides a really smooth finish to the label and comes off easily. Perfect for the home brewer or brewess!


We have bubbles! And notes.

Well we’ve got bubbles now. Plenty of nice big bubbles. I am satisfied. I hope I’ll be able to rack the batch on Sunday. If not I might have to wait until the following Friday (busy week). I’ll have to read up on what that will do to my lovely golden kolsch.

It is SO hard not to peek!

I spent a little time tarting up this homebrew note sheet. Have a gander, and feel free to use it. You can make suggestions too, (although I may not have time to edit it for a while). I’ll post a black and white version later as well.

Home Brew Notesheet (Color)