Mudkitty and Lovetap Home Brews

Hey there! It’s Mudkitty here. I’m a newbie brewer in Austin, TX.

In late 2011, my friends Hellfire and Farbug took me and my dearest Mudcat on a tour of the New Belgium Brewery. (Dang! That place is pretty, friendly, and tasty). Well, a few sips in, I found myself gazing into a giant vat of ferociously boiling wort, with words like “sparge” and “flocculation” swimming around in my mind.

I was hooked. And that was BEFORE we saw the bottling facility and tasted the strange and wondrous “sour” beer. I’m not kidding, that place is like the Willy Wonka factory for adults.

That day in the hot brewery, I realized that brewing beer was next, I could just feel it. On our way back to the Fireplace, Hellfire (also a home brewer), stopped by a mystical wonderland (home brew store), picked up a few essentials, and showed me how to make a simple batch of home brew in his very own kitchen.

My birthday popped up shortly thereafter, and Mudcat gave me a fully suited beginners kit from our local homebrew supplier. Now I’m off and running. Lovetap is the name of my homegrown record label, so I’m using the same name for my homegrown brews.

I recently spent two years in Manila, practicing martial arts, working as a designer and musician from my home office and, during breaks, delving deep into the art and science of bread making (strange place for it, I know, it’s a long story). I look forward to adding beer to the trades of which I am “jack” but not “master.”

I love the blend of hippiedom and science that is home-brewing. I’m halfway through “The Complete Joy of Home Brewing” by Michael Papazian. I get why this book sells many copies.

Mudkitty is also known as Abby Mott, a singer, songwriter and musician in Austin TX.


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