Bennie’s is bottled.

Bottled! I went with the corn sugar. Why skimp on the very first batch? I need a win here folks.

Highlights were filling the bottles and capping them. It is a little factory in my kitchen. I did taste the flat brew once more and it was pretty much the same. Just really needs carbonation. It’s going to be hard to wait for those bubbles. It’s been pretty chilly in the house, but not many hours below 60°, so the fermentation should be ok, if slow.

And the labels! Yes! We even gave one label to Bennie’s family, ha. Next up is a porter. Maybe maple porter. Or pecan. Or both. Hmm.

*Now the question, how to adhere the labels to those pretty brown bottles? I’ve been searching around and found some ingenious solutions. My favorite candidate being Milk, of all things! There are tons of fancy fancy products out there but I am going to do some laser prints of old Bennie and try milk. Thanks MN Bugeater! I might have to sign up on this forum, homebrew talk as well. Seems like a nice group of folks.

If milk fails me, I’ll try rubber cement or Elmers.


2 comments on “Bennie’s is bottled.

  1. Thanks for letting me know that your paint project went well! That tutorial gets a lot of hits and I’m happy that you found it too. Happy New Year!

  2. Ms. A says:

    Thanks Rhoda, great blog!

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